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of Being Earnest В« Ellie Jones
Ellie Jones

freelance theatre director



Ellie Jones is a freelance theatre director who specialises in making extraordinary things happen in the most unlikely circumstances. Invariably involving extreme logistics and casts of millions, Ellie often works with children, animals and all the other things most sensible people avoid like the plague.

She is quite fantastic and extremely sort after and was worked on a myriad of exciting projects – please explore this site to read reviews and view images of past work.

Ellie is always looking for new and exciting projects contact her if you have something splendid lurking in your imagination.

Productions (Past, Present & Future)

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The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde’s hilarious and timeless comedy classic.

Sept – Oct 2010 New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich


“Wilde’s best-known play can sometimes seem weighed down by its accretion of memory-hogging past performances. Ellie Jones’ new production of The Importance of Being Earnest for the New Wolsey Theatre sets a sparkling pace before we hear a word of dialogue. This is complemented by the flexibility of Dawn Allsopp’s setting which transforms seamlessly between town and country, two interiors and a garden, and has some pleasantly quirky elements”

Anne Morley-Priestman – What’s On Stage

“…from its opening with Lane the butler setting the stage this sparkling production never once lost its focus or enthusiasm…there were some lovely physical touches – flowers coming up through the stage, and a tree falling from above on cue, and the lightness of touch from Ellie Jones’ direction enabled the pace never to slacken or the interest to start waning. A first-rate production of a well loved play that should bring it to life afresh for all age groups.”

Suzanne Hawkes – Evening Star

“Director Ellie Jones has managed to bring out the comedy of Wilde’s writing. The characters were admirably portrayed by the talented cast, Esther Ruth Elliott is worthy of special note, some superb facial expressions only adding to Wilde’s comic lines.”

Ipswich 24

“….a very polished and highly enjoyable production of the Oscar Wilde classic……It was great to be back at the New Wolsey for the start of a new season and this was a terrific way to entice us back after the long summer break.”

Andrew Clarke – East Anglian Daily Times

“Director Ellie Jones extracts some delightful performances from her cast with Mark Edel-Hunt and Tom Davey sparring nicely as Algernon and Jack. Esther Ruth Elliott and Nelly Harker also work well together as Gwendolen and Cecily, revelling in their respective loves for two differing Earnests.”

Glen’s Theatre Blog


The New World Order – reviews


****  “Ellie Jones has pulled off something wonderful here… a brilliant balance of wit and coercion. An unnerving but thrilling evening.” – Dominic Maxwell, The Times


****  “A superbly realised production from director Ellie Jones… crackles with Pinter’s pitch-black wit and horrified fascination with emotional and political power.” Critic’s choiceAndrzej Lukowski, Time Out


****  “Now this is what I call site-specific…Pinter, the master of menace, would surely have revelled in this.” – Fiona Mountford,  Evening Standard


****  “An artistic triumph” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


*****  “The sense of being trapped within a brutal state machine builds and intensifies during  this brilliant site-specific production by Hydrocracker”  Jane Hughes, The Independent



TNWO Shoreditch Town hall


I am thrilled to be directing another staging of  Hydrocracker‘s The New World Order in Shoreditch Town Hall.
Staged in a former government building, Hydrocracker’s darkly compelling promenade performance journeys from the council chambers of high-minded policymakers to the labyrinthine depths below, where functionaries of the new world order keep ‘the world clean for democracy’.


16 Nov 2011 – 11 December 2011 / 19:00, 21:15


More information / tickets »





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Track Listings:

  1. New World Order Interview on Brighton Festival radio. May 2011



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