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В« Ellie Jones
Ellie Jones

freelance theatre director



Ellie Jones is a freelance theatre director who specialises in making extraordinary things happen in the most unlikely circumstances. Invariably involving extreme logistics and casts of millions, Ellie often works with children, animals and all the other things most sensible people avoid like the plague.

She is quite fantastic and extremely sort after and was worked on a myriad of exciting projects – please explore this site to read reviews and view images of past work.

Ellie is always looking for new and exciting projects contact her if you have something splendid lurking in your imagination.

Productions (Past, Present & Future)

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Erpingham Camp

The theme of class runs through Hydrocracker’s promenade reworking of this 1966 Joe Orton television play like the writing in a stick of Brighton rock.

The audience meets at the entrance to the Palace Pier, where a group of jolly holiday camp Red Coats quickly divide us into groups, throw identification sashes over our heads and put us in our places.


Written by: Joe Orton

Director: Ellie Jones

May 2009 – Brighton Palace Pier. As part of Brighton Festival


“Ellie Jones’s promenade production exudes the right air of jovial anarchy. Orton saw his play as an updated Bacchae, but the analogy doesn’t work, because the conflict between the camp’s martinet boss, Erpingham, and an upstart Irish redcoat lacks the sexual tension you find in Euripides. What does emerge, in Jones’s buoyant production, is the forced gaiety of camp life and the urge to rebel against it. Trouble erupts in the Grand Ballroom where the audience, having made puppies out of balloons and watched an authentically tacky cabaret, witness an act of random violence. Civil war breaks out, with the mutinous campers rising up against Erpingham.

Jones uses the space imaginatively, and Jem Wall as Erpingham, Matthew Wait as the redcoat and Richard Hahlo as a sanctimonious padre are all spot-on. A forgotten Orton play is brought to exuberant life.”

Michael Billington – The Guardian

“The clever Hydrocracker company, which a couple of years ago imagined Pinter and torture in the old town hall, now maps Joe Orton brilliantly on to Brighton Pier. The Erpingham Camp ‘s graphic version of dictatorship (who will get to ride in the teacup dodgems?) and disaster (the villain plunges from a tottering tower into the sea) are fearsomely translated. As is Orton’s dreadful merriment: this production bullies its audience into hilarious subjection: some of them have to make puppies out of balloons; some have to distribute fish and chips; everyone has to sing along to the star of the evening, a squeeze-box soprano who throbs away making The Young Ones sound like the national anthem.”

Susannah Clapp – The Observer


“A forgotten Orton play is brought to exuberant life … Ellie Jones’s promenade production exudes the right air of jovial anarchy … Jones uses the space imaginatively, and Jem Wall as Erpingham, Matthew Wait as the redcoat and Richard Hahlo as a sanctimonious padre are all spot-on.”

Brighton Festival


The New World Order – reviews


****  “Ellie Jones has pulled off something wonderful here… a brilliant balance of wit and coercion. An unnerving but thrilling evening.” – Dominic Maxwell, The Times


****  “A superbly realised production from director Ellie Jones… crackles with Pinter’s pitch-black wit and horrified fascination with emotional and political power.” Critic’s choiceAndrzej Lukowski, Time Out


****  “Now this is what I call site-specific…Pinter, the master of menace, would surely have revelled in this.” – Fiona Mountford,  Evening Standard


****  “An artistic triumph” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


*****  “The sense of being trapped within a brutal state machine builds and intensifies during  this brilliant site-specific production by Hydrocracker”  Jane Hughes, The Independent



TNWO Shoreditch Town hall


I am thrilled to be directing another staging of  Hydrocracker‘s The New World Order in Shoreditch Town Hall.
Staged in a former government building, Hydrocracker’s darkly compelling promenade performance journeys from the council chambers of high-minded policymakers to the labyrinthine depths below, where functionaries of the new world order keep ‘the world clean for democracy’.


16 Nov 2011 – 11 December 2011 / 19:00, 21:15


More information / tickets »





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Track Listings:

  1. New World Order Interview on Brighton Festival radio. May 2011



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